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My battle cry, spoken word

This slam poem is was written from a place of being wounded. The world offers pleasures that never last, even though God calls us to count all as lost; what we have waiting for us with him is lasting. So this poem is about my battle cry, how my past shouldn’t be something I look to in shame but one that has strengthened me to find the correct way. I have a voice to those going through the same things I once did too. God is forever gracious upon us even though we fail him time and time again. I pray that this poem will bless, change and allow someone to know they are excepted by the one true King.


The choice is yours!

 We spend our entire lives trying to figure out the future, trying to prepare for it, trying to form it into what we think it should look like and exhausting ourselves fearing it. I can remember growing up feeling like I was invincible, there wasn’t time frames or pressures to be successful. Life was at my finger tips, waiting for me to make the moves.  When you are young everything seems like its at reach and then one day you wake up an all those dreams seem like a distant memory. The future holds the unknowns of life, no one can predict what is to come tomorrow. This is why we fear, we fear what we don’t know, we fear what we can’t see and we fear that we won’t ever be adequate enough. In my own personal journey the “unknown” is the very core of fear for me. It brings on the pressure to be and the time frame to be it in. When I came to know the Lord one of the first things I was taught was this, where love stands fear is diminished. What does that mean? It means if we stand on the truth and truth being that God is love, then we are beings who can live without fear. God says he will never leave us nor forsake us, not even in our darkest hours. God also reminds us through scripture in Jeremiah 29:11- For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. You see the beauty in this text is he has plans to give us hope and a future, we may not know the future and honestly we can exhaust ourselves trying to figure it out but God has the plans. Our job is to fear not because he is always with us and if he is always with us then the opportunities are endless. If God is always with us then everything he promises is reachable, no matter what life looks like. So today I’m encouraging everyone out there, to embrace this choice to live without fear. We don’t have worry about tomorrow because worrying doesn’t change what will come, it causes you to fear living right now. Fear is like a poison that paralyzes us to stay right where we are, which is exactly what the enemy wants. God has called us to be brave warriors in this life, whatever plans he has called you to, are important. If we continue to look back well never move forward and if we continue to fear the future we will never move from where we are today. I am certain that today is better than my yesterday and tomorrow will speak for itself but right now I will enjoy, I will be willing and more than anything I will be ready. We have nothing to fear because God is in control, he is planning, he is seeking and he is paving the way for our success. This success is not in our time nor for our achievment but in Gods timing and for his glory. Rise up Christians and remember who you belong to and remember who is on your side. The choice is yours to live a life without  fear and without limits, God is mighty in all his ways so stand on truth today.


What are you waiting for?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about ministry. So often I find myself in this wait mode, waiting for God to make a big motion and then I can move. In some instances God does call us to wait in the things he has for us but what I’ve realized is that ministry is constant. Ministry isn’t something we must wait upon to do, it is all around us everyday. Ministry is in our work place, in our homes and in our very own community. We as christian all wanna make a difference in the world, that impacts the kingdom of God. A lot of times this can hinder our focus on doing ministry right here. I know in my life I am convicted by this very thing, I have been waiting for God to send me all across the nation, so I can spread the good news. As I’ve been waiting for this motion to happen, I’ve been mediocre in my ministry approach everyday. While I am waiting for God to bring forth the vision and calling in my life, I should be living out the simple command the Lord has asked of me. To love the brother as my own self, to take care of the widow, to feed the hungry and take care of the poor, all of these categories are around us on a daily basis. We so often miss the opportunity to do those things because we are in this stagnant wait mode. Life is to short for us to sit and wait on ministry. While we are waiting for God to move in us in mighty ways, whatever your calling may be. There are dozens of people that surround us, that need our light to guide them. Lets no longer be mediocre in our approach to serve Gods people, not just all over the world but right here in our very own community. God created us all different yet all to long for the same thing, that is to love and be loved. We all know that Gods love is the only love that truly fulfills, as believers we have access to this love and the non believers are out there searching for it. Without us in ministry mode daily, they may never find this love. It is up to us as Gods vessels to do all things in love, for he we are shadowing his ways! Not a long message today, just a reminder that we can do the work of God everyday. We must open our eyes and allow God to show us the work that’s right in front of us.